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Greg Casella


Greg grew up in Chicago and  first worked in restaurants at 13 years of age and loved the business!  At age 19, Greg went to work for Tandem Computers running a spare parts stockroom in Chicago, but he still worked nights in a restaurant part-time because he loved it so much. Having always wanted to move to California, Greg transferred with the company to San Jose. Greg worked for a caterer as a part-time server and then joined full-time as an event sales manager.

The Start of Catered Too

Greg became a business partner with Jean Rodriguez, a colleague from the catering company that went out of business; Greg handled the sales and planning and Jean managed food and beverages. Together, they began by catering through another local caterer then for events on their own and so Catered Too was born!  They chose the name Catered Too!“ because they provided catering and event design and they were two partners.

Greg worked out of his attic at home selling events, dialing for dollars as he would say! Equipment was stored in the basement and garage. Mornings were spent making sales calls and afternoons were filled with running around doing errands for events. Jean would prepare all of the food at her house, Greg would load up his Pathfinder with all of the event equipment, pick up the food at Jean’s, and make his way to the event site to set up the celebrations. This didn’t last long because they were getting busier and needed a larger kitchen.

With more clients and more growth, Catered Too! went on to house its offices in the historic Cannery Building in San Jose in 1998, with both kitchen and offices moving a few times to different locations in Milpitas and San Jose before opening its headquarters in East Palo Alto in 2013.

Current Business Today,

Catered Too! is recognized throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as a go-to caterer for corporate events. Not only does Catered Too! provide event catering services but also daily on-site catering for businesses, catering and production for weddings and other social events, and cafe management at two venues in the Bay Area: Computer History Museum and Club Auto Sport.

A Culture of Giving Back

Greg is a founding board member of the Preservation Action Council of San Jose, was a Board Member of the San Jose Downtown Association serving for six years including as VP of Marketing. He has also served on the Boards of the Jesuit Retreat Center and Ravenswood Business District in East Palo Alto.  He is also a member of the National Association for Catering and Events on the local level as both VP and President of the Silicon Valley Chapter. He then joined NACE's National Board as Regional Representative, VP and as the National President for 3 years.

NACE is an organization of Catering and Event professionals throughout the United States with over 4000 members. 

Greg is a firm believer in helping others realize their full potential and has mentored many employees understand they are capable of growing professionally and personally. He is also committed to giving back to the community by providing resources and personal time helping build local children's play lot, working with a community farm for a fork to table experience, sponsoring aspiring young artists and donating events for LGBTQ youth programs. 

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