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Teri Schenkel

Senior Account Manager

I’ve been in the event industry since 2001 and with Catered Too since 2006! After almost two decades, it became clear to me that my role boils down to one simple but crucial task: knowing who our clients are as people. This not only produces remarkable event experiences but is also essential in making someone’s vision become reality. Whether corporate or social, there is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing a dream come true in real-time. We love it when plans come together and I’m very grateful to have been part of so many.

There’s a lot that I love about working at Catered Too; but if I had to choose one aspect of our company as my favorite, it would have to be our team. It’s great to work with people who bring something unique to the table, but it’s truly something special when everyone makes sure that that table is full of passion and positivity. The spirit of collaboration between us is amazing and I wholeheartedly believe that it’s our superpower as a company!

Outside of work, you’ll surely find me spending time with my family. I love all dogs, many kinds of music, and going to concerts. Traveling is also a passion of mine and I still have quite a few destinations to check off my list. I grew up in Hawaii, so I love going back to visit as often as I can. Last but not least, I am a (die-hard) gold-blooded 49er Faithful!