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Manny Vazquez


I’ve been with Catered Too for 14 years now as the team’s resident Swiss Army knife. From front of house to back of house, I’ve done almost everything the events and catering industry has to offer! Before coming to C2, I worked countless jobs where everything was set in stone. But here, my skills are constantly put to the test, and I always leave work having learned something new every day.

As our Event & Creativity Manager, I’m proud to assist our Production Team and manage events on-site. This role has given me true freedom in how I do my job and many opportunities to flex my creativity in every event that I lead. Every morning, I’m able to get ready happily knowing that I’ll be working with my family away from home. This is a family that I deeply love and work hard to protect.

Even outside of work, I’m always on the move. My abuela always told me, “You have to keep moving” and I took this advice to heart. It’s difficult for me to even watch TV if I’m not on a treadmill! I try my best to be active with my family too, especially my daughter. Every first rain of the year, we go hiking at our favorite local national parks and reserves.

There’s still a lot that I want to do here before I retire (when I’m 85)! I don’t want to understand my role only, but I want to know the ins and outs of every team and department. I’ve already learned so much at Catered Too, and I’m excited to keep on learning with the people I love.