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Taz Richard - Arrighi

Field Operations Manager

I started working in customer service at a young age for my family’s computer repair business. During those years I really enjoyed interacting with customers on a daily basis, assisting with technical support and being the main liaison between clients and our team.

After a few solid years though I ventured out in search of other opportunities. Not long after, I was struck by the hospitality bug and never recovered. I began working as a shift supervisor in the fast-casual food scene and loved every minute of it! The constant connection to customers and exposure to new, fun, food and beverage trends had me hooked. Needless to say it made for an easy transition into catering.

At Catered Too! I’ve developed a true appreciation for food and beverage pairings and love the creativity that comes with designing beverage programs that are 100% cohesive and complimentary throughout. I’m constantly exploring the beverage world for new and exciting recipes, up and coming brews, wines and spirits, as well as testing out unique serving methods and alternative ways to grow and streamline our operations.

When I’m not wrapped up in all things beverage related I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, sharing meals, going to the movies, supporting local entertainment and expanding on my collection of craft brews and aged spiced rums.

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