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John Alvarez


Growing up in the Bay Area, it was here where Chef John first found his passion for food. He first started his journey at the age of 12 working at his sister’s restaurant as a dishwasher and self proclaimed “tortilla boy.” He has taken inspiration from all of the Michelin awarded chefs that he has worked closely with building up his expertise in the art of food and expanding his skillset. These include highly renowned Two-Michelin Star Providence Chef Michael Cimrusti, Los Angeles, Three Michelin Star Chef Michael Tusk, Quince, San Francisco and Chef Curtis Stone, Gwen, Hollywood where the restaurant specialized in full animal butchery & House Made Pasta & Charcuterie.


After years of training he decided he wanted to go back to his roots and work under a chef who he took the most inspiration from growing up. Having read all of his books (Twice), watched every episode of his PBS TV series “Mexico: One Plate at a Time'', Listening to most PodCast Episodes also , John Packed his bags and traveled to Chicago, Illinois on a mission to work for Chef Rick Bayless, and got to work hands on with one of the founding fathers of New Mexican Southwestern cooking, Chef Rick Bayless, Lena Brava Chicago, Illinois . Having spent 15 Months under the tutelage of Chef Rick Bayless, Chef John was forced to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic just like the rest of the nation. It was then where we found himself with us at CateredToo!

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