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Eric Barnachea

CEO & Owner

My love for food started at a very young age watching my grandfather cook for our family. My grandfather gained his experience as the personal chef for Admiral Halsey during World War II. He always connected his love for cooking to his love for the family. If you give it your all, you will continue to reap the rewards of satisfaction and love.

 I have been a cooking professional for 30 years in the Bay Area with experience in hotels, corporate dining, and large offsite catering companies. I recently completed a program at the Culinary Institute of America, where I was one of the sixteen chosen from around the nation to participate. The CEIP program is a designed graduate program for proven culinary professionals and future industry leaders. 

In my spare time, I help my wife of 23 years manage a household of 5 children. I am a part time taxi driver that does stops at soccer practice, martial arts, dance, drum, and choir practice. Similar to the foodservice industry, I love to be in the middle of chaos. 

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