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Parmesan Pound Cake

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Parmesan Pound Cake

  • Flour 330 g 

  • Baking powder 16 g 

  • Salt 6 g 

  • Parmesan100 g 

  • Butter 135 g 

  • Sugar 143 g 

  • Egg 6 ea 

  • Mascarpone 200 g 

  • Sour cream 190 g 


Basil Sugar 

  • Basil 5 g  

  • Sugar, granulated  30 g 


Whipped Cocoa Mascarpone 

  • Mascarpone 200 g  

  • Powder sugar 2 g  

  • Cocoa 5 g 



  • Reduced port wine 

Baking Instructions

Makes: ½ sheet tray  

Whip your butter, sugar, mascarpone, and sour cream with a paddle attachment.  Next, add one egg at a time till incorporated, whisk flour, baking Powder, parmesan, and salt  until incorporated then in 3 increments add to your wet batter. For the last increment of flour, simply fold with a rubber spatula to prevent over mixing the batter.


Bake at 325 high fan till golden or toothpick comes out clean. 


For the Basil Sugar combine all ingredients into a coffee grinder and blend. 


With your Paddle Attachment, Whip the Mascarpone and add the Cocoa Powder, place the mixture into a Pastry Bag .


Once your cake has cooled, cut into squares or cut rounds with a cookie cutter and simply garnish 

Raspberry Parmesan Pound Cake.jpg

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