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Aurora Espinoza Aurora Espinoza - Food & Beverage Director - Computer History Museum / 2015

I started working as a hostess at 16 years old at Pedro's Restaurant where I learned how to work with people and give excellent customer service- I worked for Pedro's for 2 1/2 years. Ever since then I've loved working with people and learned that it feels good to see people smiling and happy with their service. I then started working as a customer service representative, working the customer service, ordering, billing, and production side of things and then on to Admin Assistant and I loved everything minute of it.

In 2008 I was given the chance to get back into hospitality in catering and ohh my god I felt alive! Meeting new people, working with new colleagues and serving to keep guests happy was just amazing to me and the company that gave me the opportunity to do so was Catered Too!. As a single Mom, I continued to work my admin assistant job and couldn't work enough catering events for the next 4 years. It was the best thing ever because I was able to learn two sides of customer service, for me the experience was unbelievable and it has opened many doors.

Now a few years later I was given the opportunity to work internally with the Computer History Museum where I am able to use my serving, customer service and administrative skills all at once and I couldn't have asked for more. I enjoy very much working at the Museum as it has given me the chance to meet yet again, meet more people and work with an excellent group of dedicated staff. My goal is to work hard, and to give my customers the best customer service experience ever.

In my personal time: I am a single mother with not much time for myself, I stay focus most of my time working to make a better life in hopes to have a great future for my daughter. I try my best to be around friends and family to stay and keep me positive and keep me going. I like dancing, hanging out with friends when I can, and when I can I love taking my daughter dancing.
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